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Voiceover Samples 



Narration Demo - Shelly Steele
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Medical Narration
Medical Narration - Shelly Steele
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Classic training and experience with Medical Terminology and Technical Narration. Additionally, I worked as a Medical transcriptionist for many years, providing an indepth understanding of the field.    

Leadership - Shelly Steele
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E-Learning & Technical Training
e-Learning - Shelly Steele
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Technical narratives and training can sometimes be dry and unimpressive. Applying my audio expertise to these difficult manuals and instruction can greatly benefit your company. 

Voice Interactive Recordings (VIR) and "On Hold" Services
Metro Wheels - Shelly Steele
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First impressions when a client contacts your company is of vital importance. I give your answering message vitality, information to assist them, and the sense that their needs are of great importance to you.   I strive to provide a message that will hold the client's attention. 

Fiction Audio
Hardscrabble Road - Shelly Steele
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Expertise with voicing colorful characters is a strength of mine. I seamlessly interchange between the narrator and characters holding the readers attention. 

Childrens Audio  Books
The Little Blind Sheperd - Shelly Steele
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On many occasions I have been asked to read childrens books to classrooms, libraries, and special events. I have been engaged by authors of childrens books to provide them with audio versions. 

Radio and T.V. 
Gates Bar-B-Que - Shelly Steele
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One of my favorite things to do is ads for Radio or T.V.  I have been asked to read for many different types of Ads. This is an example of an ad for Gates Bar-B-Que. 

Watch and listen to the inspiring videos below. They are about an economic Development program designed to end povery in the developing world.  Adding voice over to your video series can be powerful as illustrated here in the educational video series "Recipe for Hope".

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