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My acting experience has ranged  from theatre, film, documentary, improvisation and much more. I am available to be cast in wide array of characters. My enthusiasm, integrity and coachability are an asset to your project. 

The 12 Lives of
Sissy Carlyle
When / Where:

Atlanta, Georgia 2012

Performance of multiple roles including bartending at English Pub, being a flirtatious patron, a thief, and a waitress. 

Redemption 316 
Zulu Pictures
When / Where:

Gwinnett Detention Center

Duluth, Georgia

What Men Really Want
A Documentary
Winner of the Christian Film Festival 2014
OC Film Company
When / Where:
Atlanta, Georgia 2012

My character was an inmate with scenes in the detention yard, cafeteria, and classroom. 

Interviewed along with a host of other women and men nationwide. 

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